CraftyBun's Story

I guess I get it from my parents. While growing up, my parents would always try to fix what was broken rather than buying something new, as we were usually low on money. My mom loves to sew, so sometimes she'd make my costumes and decor for the home. My dad on the other hand...he made a light table for me out of an emptied out scanner and florescent light, so I could animate at home rather than going to the school at late hours. Very much DIY-ers without realizing it.

In grade 4, the friends I hung out with had the idea of making a craft group! I liked the idea of making something for people to enjoy, and we could make some money off it. We got the idea from several bakesales that our class had. I contributed gingerbread men cookies that my aunt had made. They were the talk of the school. Everyone loved them, and our class made a lot of money because we charged more for those ones. Sold out within one recess period. So with this craft club, we were going meet at this one girl's house, which was about 3 blocks from mine, make some fun things (friendship bracelets, jewelry, drawing our own stickers, stuffies, etc etc) and hold our own craft sale during recess and lunch, just like a bake sale. The entrepreneurship of a group of 9-10 year old girls was inspiring. Just talking about it would get all of us pretty excited. We definitely dreamt big.

However, the dream stayed a dream for us. One or two of us were about the only ones who really wanted to do anything crafty while we met up. The rest would just blast Spice Girls music, and dance, not that I didn't join in either. The usual pre-teen girly stuff that happened in the mid to late 90's. Homework was also an issue, as that had to come first. I have a pink rabbit shaped sparkle confetti to remind me of these times.

As of lately, my crafty side has ressurected from it's hibernation. It started with knitting when I was 17. I learned how to make scarves, and very very slowly from there found myself making gloves and hats only a few years ago, started making jewelry just last year and now I am a crafting monster that wants to stick my toes into every medium I can find!

Here I am, sharing my dream as an artist. A dream I've had since I was 9!