Saturday, March 17, 2012

I drove an hour for yarn

I can't say that this has been the most ridiculous thing that anyone has done for their "Hobsession", but I can say this has been one of those moments where I questioned myself why I drove out an hour out of town to see some yarn when I can buy it at my local yarn shop.

However, once I got there, that feeling disappeared. I was giddy, I couldn't contain myself. I asked my friend Taj from "The Living Room Studio" to join me on this adventure, as she is usually up for any kind of adventure. She was also interested in the world of fibres, but has never dabbled in any of it's many wonderful forms. I think this trip has changed that.

Photo Courtesy of "The Living Room Studio"
So, where do I start?
The city of Abbotsford, BC held a gathering called "Fibreswest", which took place March 16-17 this year. I love the fibre (and craft!) community. Everyone is so supportive of each other, regardless of the competition. It was great seeing so many Fibre enthusiasts.

One of the most surprising things I learned at Fibreswest was how many people actually know how to spin yarn! Either with a wheel, or with a drop spindle. Harmonique, the Canadian Ashford representative, was giving a crash course to some kids on how to use their drop spindle. I lurked through their booth to find out more about where to get some accessories for my loom. As Harmonique is the wholesaler, they only sell to retailers, so I would have to find a retailer. It was a shame because they were RIGHT THERE! Oh well. It's best if I really think about these things before I buy them :).
A shop (of which I can't remember) selling
some gorgeous Madinline Tosh!
Fluffy Alpaca bears from "Alpaca Story Ranch"

Jane Stafford Textiles

Many great retailers, of which I have heard of, and some I have not. There was also quite a bit of local dyers and spinners. It was wonderful to peruse through everything. Feeling through every booth. I feel in love with some Cashmere/silk blends, and was so inspired by the dye lots that were available. Everyone is so talented and friendly!

There were not just fibre artists and retailers there, but other crafters as well. "Rainforest Pottery" had a booth there. While they are not directly working with a fibre, they do make yarn bowls. I haven't seen many yarn bowls in local craft shows as of late, so it was really nice to see that. I grabbed a card :). It would be nice to see more clay workers have these available. I once suggested it to an artist that was selling at the ferries. She has never heard of this, and I said they should look it up, because they are really hard to find.

My Haul:
The bottle of the left is one I already own, but the rest is from  "Twist of  Fate"
:) 50% off! I couldn't pass up grabbing every single fragrance left.
Yup, I'm pretty much set for life...
Some SweetGeorgia Yarns, and a stick shuttle in the background
I would really like to be more involved with the yarn/fibre/knitting community; to go to meet ups, stitch&bitch's, and get to know everyone involved in the community. However I guess my lack of actually making stuff is keeping me back from that. One day :) In the mean time, I am going to go frolick in some yarn.

Stay Crafty!

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  1. Sad we missed you! Love those Sweet Georgia yarns you got! Pretty!