Saturday, January 28, 2012

So it's the new year...

Dear blog,

I've treated you like my past diaries: Neglected and probably lost somewhere under my bed. I know you're there, but I've seemed to just put you off to the side, collecting dust. You've probably been wondering what I've been up to since the last post...what?! Two months ago?! I am so sorry! Apparently journalism is not one of my strong suits.

Let's start where we left off!

My niece opening up her gifts
on her very first Christmas
December and the holidays:
Lots of day job work happened this month. I managed to get a week off our busy schedule for the holidays. A lot of us on our team really needed it, and I think it's about time we needed it again, heh.

During the holidays, my parents came to visit us for a change! It was nice seeing everyone. Laughs, and good times all around! My most precious moments were spent bonding with my niece. Since my brother and his wife are moving out much further than where they are now located by me, spending more time with them before they leave was very important for me. They are now only a half an hour drive away, but I guess that just means dropping by right after work to hang out for no apparent reason will probably not happen anymore.

Besides that, I only took one crochet request from my best friend, J, for the end of November going into December, knowing I wouldn't have much time because of work. She enjoyed my previous personalized cactus creations, and made a formal request for some smaller ones and personalized them to her and her friends as holiday gifts.

I am pretty sure this has been the craziest project (schedule-wise) I have ever worked on for my company! I haven't had much time at home, which is sad, but I'm trying to be optimistic about everything! Spending whatever precious time off I have with C and my family.

I signed up for weaving classes with Birkeland Bros. I am hoping that goes well next month. I've been mentally preparing myself for about a month. I'm pretty excited for some upcoming projects, once I get myself a loom! Nothing too fancy. I am starting out with a Knitters/Rigid Heddle Loom. I don't think I have the time or money to get and learn a floor or table loom at the moment. Maybe one day :) We'll see if I even like weaving!

And with this busy schedule, I have officially decided that I am not doing the spring market this year for Sublime, as much as I'd like to. I have (mostly) abandoned jewelry making -- trying to use up what I have right now, and focusing on fibre arts. I may make a few guitar pick earrings every now and then, because they seem to be popular, plus I have a TON of feathers left over. I have a bunch of requests lined up from coworkers and friends, I have no time to make a stock pile for a show, unfortunately. Oh well, maybe I'll just start thinking about the Christmas market now... =]

Speaking of feathers, C has taken on fly fishing! He received, and bought a bunch of fly fishing gear to use for this year. Before the "season starts", in the mean time, he has been making his own flies using my left over feathers -- which I bought from a fly fishing store, heh.

So there you have it blog, you have more posts than I have ever had in my diary, and probably more meaningful and exciting life events.

Until next time I remember about you... =]

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