Friday, September 30, 2011

Craft Tutorial: Gift Card Magnet

Hello my crafty pals,

Maybe it's just me, but I can't seem to throw out a gift card (or even birthday card) if it's got such a fun design or witty saying on it. Some stores let you keep empty cards because it's not usable anymore, or you can refill it. But what's the point in keeping a cute card in your wallet and not being seen? I've held onto empty gift cards because I just didn't have the heart to just throw away a cute piece of plastic. So I came up with this solution! Here is a tutorial on something that I've been doing more often around the house, making magnets!

Magnet tape
A gift card you like
Gift Card Magnet Tutorial

Cut two strips just shorter than the height of the card (or one long strip the length of the card)
Gift Card Magnet Tutorial

Peel the paper backing
Gift Card Magnet Tutorial

Place the magnet strips on the back of your gift card (Since my card has some clear parts on it, I put the strip closer to the middle)
Gift Card Magnet Tutorial

Pop it on the fridge!
Gift Card Magnet Tutorial

Thanks to N and B for giving me the featured Starbucks card for my birthday earlier in the year, and to DG for the "Thank you" gift card in the picture above.

Hope you enjoyed my first (and very simple) tutorial! I'm hoping to put more up soon :) Thanks for reading! 

Stay Crafty

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